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The Natural Milk Company was set up in 2018, to make quality, organic, raw milk available in Ireland. It all came about when our founder, was unable to source organic raw milk locally, and after contacting a number of organic dairy farmers, whom had experience in producing raw milk, the Natural Milk Company was born.

We currently have a small sales team and 2 farmers supplying us with their delicious milk. All our farmers are fully approved organic and  registered and compliant with current raw milk guidelines. In fact we test our milk twice as often as is required by these regulations to ensure our customers always get a quality product from the Natural Milk Company.

Our milk is always bottled fresh, on farm to avoid contamination, and delivered same day to our shops. We use 1 litre glass bottles as they are easily recycled and glass is considered safer than plastic when it comes to food packaging.
We plan to collect empty bottles from our shops soon, and to pass on any saving on packaging to our customers. All our cows are milked once a day only, which is easier on the cows, provides a creamier milk, as opposed to the conventional twice a day milking. We are currently in a number of supermarkets and shops, in Limerick,  Clare, Galway, Westmeath, Offaly and Roscommon (please see below) with many more to follow.Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates. If you would like to become a stockist please get in touch.

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