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Crowdfunding Campaign

The Natural Milk Company is launching its crowdfunding campaign, please support us.

The Natural Milk Company would love your support in driving an ethical and sustainable way of producing food. We want to build a dairy to produce our fantastic Raw and Organic Milk.

About Us

The Natural Milk Company is a small organic dairy business with a big vision. We have been supplying our quality organic raw milk throughout Ireland for over 4 years, and have been continually told by our customers that it’s the best milk they have ever tasted.

As most of our customers know, there is a shortage of organic milk available in Ireland at certain times of the year, especially in the winter months, due to a number of factors including the high cost of organic feed. This has been a challenge for us every winter, as we have been unable to access the amount of organic milk we require which is not ideal. In order to ensure that we have enough organic milk all year round, we have decided to buy our own dairy cows and to set up a micro dairy .By having our own micro dairy we will have control over milk volumes/availability but also how that milk is produced.

Rewards for Your Support

  • “€20” Receive a free bottle of our milk and a thank-you email.
  • “€50” Get 4 bottles of our milk and a thank-you email.
  • “€100” Receive 2 bottles of milk, plus 2 free tickets to our open day in December 2024 (with food, refreshments, face painting, and cow meet-and-greet), and a thank-you email.
  • “€250” Enjoy 10 free bottles of our milk, 4 free tickets to our open day in December 2024, and a thank-you email.
  • “€500” Enjoy 10 free bottles of our milk, 4 free tickets to our open day in December 2024, , plus a personal thank-you on our hero wall.

Why are we crowdfunding?

To help with the substantial costs of setting up a micro dairy based on the cow with calf model, which will allow us to have organic raw milk available all year round. All the money raised in this campaign will go towards the purchase of the dairy cows and we will be funding all the other associated costs of setting up a micro dairy including, staff, land costs, equipment, feed, bedding, etc.

What is the campaign project ?

To buy 16 to 20 Brown Swiss dairy cows with the intention of establishing a unique micro-dairy in Ireland. This micro-dairy will operate based on the “cow with calf” model, which involves keeping the calves alongside their mothers for a few months until they are ready to be weaned, either on a full-time or part-time basis. This approach fosters a strong bond between the cow and her calf and is often referred to as an ethical dairy system. Currently, there are 18 such cow with calf dairies in the UK, and their numbers are rapidly increasing.

Why are we going with the cow with calf model?

Over the past few months, we’ve conducted extensive research to determine the ideal dairy system and cow breed for our operation. Our journey took us to farms across Northern Ireland, the UK, and Europe to find the perfect fit, then following our research we have chosen the cow with calf model as it allows the cows to bond with their calves, avoids the stress on calves of being removed from the cow straight away and often sold and transported at a young age.

Why did we choose Brown Swiss cows?

After careful consideration, we’ve chosen the Brown Swiss breed of cows for their exceptional qualities.Brown Swiss cows are known for their gentle and inquisitive nature. They produce high-quality milk, with a significant percentage being A2 milk.

Goal amount?

We aim to raise €50,000 and launched this crowdfunding campaign to support the establishment of a small dairy farm. The funds generated from this campaign will be dedicated to the purchase of 20 in-calf Brown Swiss heifers, amounting to €50,000, including expenses for acquisition and transportation.

When will the milk be available?

Why Support Us?

Proven Quality

We’re an established business with a proven track record of supplying quality organic raw milk in Ireland.

Loyal Customer Base

Our customers trust our brand and love our milk.



Sustainability & Ethical Farming

Our milk is free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and our milk is packaged in glass bottles which are reusable and recyclable.

Unique Products

We’re expanding the availability of quality organic dairy products.

Setting an Example

Be part of the first Cow with Calf dairy in Ireland, setting a trend for happier cows and calves.


We continuously seek ways to improve while upholding our responsibilities to customers, stockists, animals, and the environment.

Environmental Efforts

We actively contribute to nature conservation.

By supporting this campaign, you will directly influence the way in which your milk is being produced, and the ethical way in which the animals are managed .

“It’s one of the highlights of my day, making a cup of tea with your creamy milk on the dark evenings in front of the fire”

Mary Churchtown

“The glass bottle with the cream sitting on top of the milk brings me back to my youth, when the milk was delivered to the doorstep. If were late waking up the crows would pierce to foil cap on the milk bottles and steal the cream,”

Noel Clontarf

“Our customers are enquiring every week as to when the Natural Milk will be available again, they can’t wait for it to be back on the shelves”

PoloStores Dublin

Customer Feedback

Join us in supporting ethical dairy farming and enjoy our premium organic raw milk!