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Our Story

We’re growing, naturally…

The Natural Milk Company was founded in 2018, to meet the growing demand for organic raw milk in Ireland and to ensure that quality raw milk is widely available throughout Ireland.

Michael’s interest (founder Natural Milk Company), in raw milk started after he developed stomach issues a number of years ago, which resulted in him being unable to digest conventional milk properly.

Following months of trial and error, as well as looking into possible solutions for his stomach issues, Michael discovered that he could digest organic raw milk without the side effects he suffered with conventional milk.

Organic Raw Milk & Raw Kefir

However sourcing organic raw milk was proving difficult, so in 2018 he decided to put his years of experience in sales/marketing to good use by looking into the possibility of sourcing and selling quality organic raw milk throughout Ireland. The Natural Milk Company was born!

Organic raw milk and organic raw kefir are the products we have available at present with more exciting products in the pipeline shortly. Please keep an eye on our social media for news and updates.

We really hope that you enjoy our products and if you have any questions please get in touch with us.

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